PCPD Mud Motors

The PCPD Mud Motor is an exceptional example of drilling technology.

By changing the angle of the motor between two to four degrees, directional drilling becomes possible.  Utilizing the offset motor angle allows the driller to effectively ‘point’ the drilling bit in an offset direction, thus creating a build in the well bore.

We utilize high-speed motor and tight angle configurations to reach the fastest drilling speeds possible and minimize drilling time while maintaining the lowest risk to ensure unobstructed casing deployment. Our PCPD motors are built and serviced in Calgary for quick deployment.

Valiant Energy Directional Services

Progressive cavity positive displacement (PCPD) is a type of mud motor using a helical rotor with one or more lobes that produces a rotational force on the bit when drilling fluid is pumped through it. The number of lobes and length of the assembly determines the speed and power ratio of the motor ranging between 60-100 rpm.

Can achieve high penetration rates using a high speed motor configuration
Variable motor angle to allow for flexibility of build rates
NMDC Flex Monels

Non-magnetic drill collars are used in conjunction with mud motors and downhole directional tools to achieve horizontal drilling. They serve two purposes; allow the drill string to flex and point the drill bit and provide a non-magnetic environment for MWD tools to be placed. To achieve accurate directional readings with the MWD electronics, a non-magnetic environment must exist around the tools to eliminate interference against readings of earth’s natural magnetic field. The non-magnetic drill collars were traditionally constructed of non-magnetic Monel  (Nickel & Copper alloy) but are now constructed of more cost effective stainless materials.

Valiant Energy NMDC Drilling Technology

Directional drilling is achieved by allowing the drill string to flex and combined with the mud motor angle can point the drill bit in the desired direction. At Valiant, we utilize high quality stainless steel flex monels to achieve superior directional drilling results.

Permits faster and accurate surveys
Allow real-time surveys from MWD tool using magnetometers
Measurement While Drilling Equipment

To perform directional drilling, measurement-while-drilling tools are used to take inclination, azimuth and toolface readings of the mud motor. The MWD tools allow for accurate real-time data to be used to steer the drill bit to the intended target.

We provide the use of three different MWD tool configurations:

High-Speed Mud Pulse MWD Tool
Mud Pulse tools transmit data between the tool and surface using variable mud flow restrictions resulting in controlled pressure differentials in the drill string which propagate through the drilling fluid to the surface pressure sensors. These signals are processed using software and converted to available survey information.  Depending on the required well bore pressure balance and drilling situation, different mud pulse configurations are available; positive pulse, negative pulse and continuous wave.


Valiant is proud to offer a new high-speed mud pulse MWD kit on par with EM speed, the first in Western Canada. Operating 3x faster then traditional mud pulse systems, at 4-5 bits/s, making it the fastest mud pulse system in the industry. The tool features new designs such as a custom mule shoe that makes the tool retrievable and re-seatable, along with integrated gamma it is hot swappable with other add-on’s such as resistivity or extra sensors. As with typical mud pulse systems, the tool has the same low operating cost and simple, fast serviceability that will help keep you up and running and at the best cost.

Our high speed mud pulse system can be utilized globally where a typical mud pulse system would be utilized.

Dual Telemetry EM & Mud Pulse MWD Tool

Dual Telemetry capability has become the next generation of directional drilling technology. The Evolution Engineering EVO 1 tool allows both Mud Pulse & Electromagnetic Pulse to be used simultaneously in one tool. This tool is best suited for deep wells and geological formations down hole that limit or restrict the electromagnetic pulse signal to propagate to the surface. The ability to use both types of transmission modes provides great flexibility to overcome geological formations using mud pulse wile still providing the speed of Electromagnetic Pulse (EM)as well.

Electromagnetic Pulse Telemetry MWD Tool
Applied Physics EM Pulse MWD Equipment

EM Pulse tools transmit data between the tool and surface using a differential voltage between the tool and the drill string. The data is collected via ground wires on the surface which measure a signal wave and decodes the data into the required directional and gamma ray information.

We utilize the most up to date Applied Physics EM Pulse technology to complete the real-time surveying needs. This technology is a high-speed option for shallow wells in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. Surveys are presented immediately upon making a connection resulting in the least amount of down-time while surveying.

Applied Physics MWD Kits

*Images and logo courtesy of Applied Physics Systems.

Mezintel Gamma Logging Software
Mezintel Gamma Logging Software

We utilize Mezintel Gamma Logging software to manage incoming gamma and depth data and produce meaningful gamma charts. Mezintel produces a full-featured industry leading logging software which enhances the technicians control over the incoming data to ensure maximum reliability.

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Mezintel Gamma Logging Software
Landmark's COMPASS Well Planning Software
COMPASS Well Planning Software

Staying on the right trajectory while drilling is critical to ensuring safe and efficient operations. Rock properties, torque and drag, cost, and the location of existing wells can all cause potential problems and affect the optimal well trajectory. Designed for directional drilling contractors, COMPASS™ software is the industry’s premier application for directional well path planning, survey data management, and anti-collision analysis enabling engineers to steer the bit into the profitable pay zone.

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